Hochwertiges Asics Gel Zaraca 3, Das Online Läuft

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Hochwertiges Asics Gel Zaraca 3, Das Online Läuft
Hochwertiges Asics Gel Zaraca 3, Das Online Läuft


asics Gel Zaraca 3 Running

The Asics Gel Zaraca 3 Gives Responsiveness, Support And Comfort To The Runner. It's A Running Shoe That's Made To Move Along With The Foot, Giving Adequate Amounts Of Cushioning To The Wearer. Made From High-Quality Materials, This Shoe Looks Great And Functions Efficiently.

mesh Upper

The Upper Of The Asics Gel Zaraca 3 Running Shoe Is Constructed With A Breathable Mesh Which Provides Comfort And Needed Ventilation To The Feet, Keeping Them Feeling Cool And Dry For Longer. The Overlay System Features Fused Layers With Stitched Sections For Added Durability, While Providing Structural Integrity And Visual Aesthetics To The Shoe, But They Primarily Assist The Fabrics In Wrapping Around The Foot Snugly And Securely. Lastly, The Upper Features 3m Reflectivity Which Allows The Shoe To Be Seen In Low Lighting Conditions. It's A Safety Measure For Those Runners Who Prefer To Run At Night.

gel Cushioning Midsole

The Midsole Unit Of The Asics Gel Zaraca 3 Uses A Full-Length Eva Foam In Order To Keep The Foot Comfortable At All Times. The Foam Unit Itself Doesn't Break Down Easily, And It Is Able To Carry The Weight Of The Runner Without Threatening To Lose Structural Integrity. Fitted With A Comfordry Sock Liner Which Adds A Bit More Cushioning To The Immediate Underfoot Section. It Has An Anti-Moisture Property, Thus Helping In Keeping The Interior As Dry As Possible. To Ensure Extra Cushioning And Comfort, The Zaraca 3 Is Equipped With The Gel Cushioning System Which Is A High-Quality Technology That Uses A Silicone-Based Unit In The Rear Of The Platform And It Responsible For Absorbing Impact Shock During The Landing Phase Of The Gait Cycle.

ahar Outsole

The Guidance Line In The Outsole Is A Vertical Flex Groove That Is Added To Assist The Wearer With The Gait. It Enables A More Efficient Running Style By Guiding The Foot Liberally Without Being Restrictive Of Natural Movement. To Ensure A More Flexible Outsole, Flex Grooves Are Located In The Forefoot Area Of The Shoe Which Allows The Runner To Move More Naturally Through The Gait Cycle, Flexing And Bending The Front Of The Feet Accordingly During Toe-Off, Making It More Efficient. Also Made With Ahar Or Asics High Abrasion Resistant Rubber Which Is A High-Quality Material That's Created To Shield The Rest Of The Sole Unit From The Abrasive Nature Of The Terrain. It Doesn't Easily Succumb To Wear, As Well, As It Remains Efficient For A Long Time While Providing High Traction, Giving Surface Control To The Runner At All Times.

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